No, seriously

IMG_20150120_010305Hi, I’m Grandolfo. Nothing to do with mythology but I was a bit embarrassed to write Grand Old Fart, which is what I am. I could be a Grumpy Old Fart, which is what many of my friends call me, but I chose not to.

Getting older isn’t fun, is it? Wrong! It’s just a matter of focusing, really. So I’ve chosen to offer a little humour, a little information and a little of me:

I am bi-cultural (sit down, madam, it’s not what you think!) and therefore bi-lingual (I said, sit down!) in English and Spanish. I speak a couple more languages and am continually surprised by the laughter these elicit. An example: I’m talking to someone in Italian and all of a sudden I notice a blank look taking over his face. That’s when I’ve slipped into Portuguese. Sad, really. (Dammit, sit down, woman!) (How dare you leave the room when I’m talking!) [She must be Italian…]

As I was not saying [what the hell was I saying?], I’m eating a couple of poppadums (okay, you spell it) as I write this and my keyboard is alive with oil, so I’ll leave you to ponder on my wisdom.

Just check out the stuff I will blog about sooner or later. (With me, it’ll be later if my pills start to work…)

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