Conversations with Piss-Piss (Intro)



Allow me to introduce Piss-Piss. As usual, I will have to explain his name. In Southern Spain when people call their cats they use the sibilant ‘psssss’. You will often see women carrying a dish of some sort and exclaiming, ‘Pssss, pssss!’ outside their door. Although the amount of feral felines in the village where I live is enormous, there is not much of a problem with mice or rats. But I’m off on a branch again.

It was simply easier to call him that rather than his original name of Schwarze Katze. (Don’t ask…) Anyway, the name stuck somehow, boring though it is to explain every time… I admit to getting peculiar looks from passing expats, but I don’t care.


It’s rubbish you’re talking

Piss-Piss is black and he would never be offended by the nomenclature. All he’ll do is turn towards you and stick out his tongue, something he does frequently when I talk to him. Oh, yes, I talk to him and he answers.

This is what this page will be about, my conversations with Piss-Piss. Every now and then we have something interesting going. Something he and I would like to share.

Can’t think of anything right now, mainly because Piss-Piss has found his spot above a cupboard from which he will observe me and keep out of the rain.

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