Corruption / Spain


granados-5004Former Councillor in Madrid, former Secretary General of the regional Partido Popular (PP) in Madrid, former Councillor to the Presidency, Justice and the Interior, Francisco Granados is spending his first 100 days in a prison he himself opened, at the height of corruption scandals in Spain. He is accused of a litany of charges; the usual being, bribery, money laundering, ‘traffic of influence’, malfeasance, several against the tax system and ‘belonging to a criminal gang’. His is one of the largest anti-corruption operations open today, Operación Púnica (named for some reason after the Punic Wars of ancient history). The Madrid VI prison, inaugurated by Granados himself in July 2008, is the latest and largest in the Madrid region, a massive 365,730m2, with 12 residential modules and an additional four multipurpose. It has 1,008 cells in all, one of which is occupied by Francisco Granados, the former bigwig.

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