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india-droughtOne of the online ‘mags’ I subscribe to, Flipboard, has a bunch of articles on water (See below). Water management, water scarcity, water, water, water. Why? Because California, the US’s most populous state, is in the midst of the worst drought in recorded history. Yet there have been numerous droughts throughout the world over recent years, particularly severe in Africa and India. Mass migration, millions of deaths, devastation – on all continents (except, maybe, Europe). The vast US population is only now reacting to the problem. Why? Because California … A clear example of selfishness and excessive navel watching, always a common problem over there.

This is not to say that the US hasn’t helped elsewhere. I would be very remiss if I did not acknowledge that the US Government has certainly helped with loans, food shortages, medical supplies, well-digging, etc. As have several American-based NGOs and indeed, through many kind donations from the public. Public? Well, not everyone, of course, because so many members of that same public have not been informed about other places, except on counted occasions. They know about California because it’s in the news almost daily. Not so about the rest of the world.

Sometimes it seems that the rest of the world does not exist for Americans — unless, of course, there is a war to be invented. How many people knew where Iraq was before that country was invaded. Or Kuwait? Afghanistan? Or even Panama, which is much closer to home? And Granada? Now, of course, the ‘average’ American can pinpoint Cuba on a map for current reasons, though they probably couldn’t find their own state, let alone their own town.

As a former resident of the USA, I am very well aware that knowledge about the next door town or a little further is pretty much anathema to the majority of the population. Most people just don’t care, and it has always puzzled me as to why not. I have no answer to it, do you?


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