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AnonAnonymous is well-known for the rude-boy attitude it takes against modern society by the media and other judgmental parties. Today, they wish to tell you about what is happening before your very eyes. This article was written and sent in by a member of Anonymous at my request. Please grab a pen & paper to take notes.

What is Anonymous? Who runs it all?

Anonymous is a multi-million member idea. It is not a group, as we do not know all of the participants, and we do not know who they are.
Anonymous is also ungoverned, signifying that we have no leaders. This makes it a lot easier for us to ensure that whatever we want to do, and whenever we want to do it; we can.

Who are Anonymous? Where did they come from? What do they do?

Please see this YouTube video for your information.
Anonymous have recently been involved in the media, you may have seen us on the news or heard about us from one of your friends, etc…

The reason we are on the news is because we are at war against a terrorist group (ISIS (Otherwise known as IS, ISIL, Islamic State or, more recently and to their chagrin, Daesh). This operation (#OpISIS) has been ongoing for longer than you may think. We have been at war with them for months now. It is only recently that it has been made public as we are taking an “all guns blazing” approach to them.

Aren’t Anonymous just going to fail and fall on their collective asses?Not quite.

We implement some of the latest, cutting edge technology to ensure that ISIS has nowhere to hide on the internet.

At the moment, we are using Twitter, IRC’s, Pastebin & Ghostbin as resources for communication & information sharing, this allows us to communicate and share files as easily as it is to throw a stone.

How are Anonymous tracking ISIS?
We are able to identify ISIS affiliated accounts on social media very quickly. We use IP (Internet Protocol) grabbing links (URL’s which provide us with the end user’s IP once clicked) to track them.

There are many IP masking software packages available for free to download on the Internet. We should know, we made most of them.

We are not just a group of uneducated school-children, as within Anonymous we have some of the best IT technicians in the world – and we guarantee that any IT professional you may ever meet would have started their career as a hacker.

Why did ISIS move to the “Dark Web
We are not entirely sure as to why ISIS think that by moving to the “Dark Web” (inside TOR) will allow them to escape our presence, as we were the ones to invent the “Dark Web”.

ISIS are uploading new websites to the dark web daily, and it is our job to ensure that we are the ones to piss in their cornflakes and tell them to go and fuck themselves (literally).

What is the “Dark Web”?
The Dark Web is where the fun begins, it is inside the TOR (also known as The Onion Browser, after onions as they have many layers) – TOR is an IP masking software package (free to download), which bounces your IP around the world several times. It is considered to be one of the best identity masking tools online.

Inside the TOR network, you can be anybody you wish to be, you can be white, black, male, female, gay, bi-sexual… Pretty much anything that tickles your fancy.

For obvious reasons, you would never use your real name, as in the TOR network, you will be hacked the second you publish something which is real. That’s how and why it works.

Anonymous have been hard at work these past few weeks, with #OpISIS growing even stronger every minute with new people joining our side.
We are planning a special Christmas party for them in December, where we will be attacking 250+ websites, 500+ servers and 4,000+ Twitter accounts, all associated with ISIS militants.

We are Anonymous,

We are Legion,

We do not forgive,

We do not forget.
Expect us.

(c) Copyright registered 2015

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