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Dog fights abound all over Latin America and Spain, as well as other countries. For the most part they are illegal, but perpetrators are usually just fined, and not a lot. Hardly a deterrent, you might agree. It goes on practically in our back yards, but if you’re not aware of them, you might not even notice.

In countries where corruption is rife, the money involved, principally in betting and breeding, the police tend to look the other way. Yet dog fights, like cock fights, are crimes. But who cares?

The US Humane Society is quite active in its anti-fighting campaigns and there are no doubt other sites and petitions. I imagine the RSPCA in the UK is also. If you find any more, please let me know via a comment. And share this with like-minded people.

True enough, there have been many campaigns from various organizations, but the fights still go on.

The other thing is: it’s never the dogs’ fault, and always the owners’. Yet it’s the dogs that suffer horribly and then get put down, never the criminals.

Luke(This is published in honour of Luke, my son’s pitbull, who, if he was to hurt anyone it would be from too much licking. I quite like my son and his girlfriend, too.)

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